About the blog

Heritage Open Days wouldn’t be what it is today without the generosity, genius - and guts of the thousands of people up and down the country who open up our cultural heritage for the benefit of us all.

True to the spirit of partnership, this blog is the collaborative work of a team of volunteer bloggers drawn from the programme’s huge base of friends and participants. It is a shared platform that reflects the vast and varied experience, skills and knowledge of those involved in Heritage Open Days.

Get to know our team of bloggers as they will inform and entertain you over the coming months.

Not just bricks and mortar…

Heritage Open Days is more than four days of open doors, more than just bricks and mortar. There are many aspects to making accessible the places we value and telling the stories that help us make sense of the world around us. The blog will provide a unique behind-the-scenes look of England’s most popular heritage event and pick up on themes and issues that affect those delivering it.

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