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Annabelle Thorpe

Location: London
Occupation: Media Manager for Heritage Open Days & Freelance Travel Writer
Heritage Open Days profile: I make sure the media knows all about our fantastic Heritage Open Days events
Interests: The way history is everywhere, right under our noses and we don’t pay it enough attention. Addicted to travelling. And crisps

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Brian Johnson

Location: Tunbridge Wells
Occupation: Editor with one of the “Big Four” professional services organisations
Heritage Open Days profile: Volunteer guide at a local property since 2006
Interests: History and heritage, music and radio, writing and editing, his family and walking their golden retriever – ideally, all at the same time!

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Colin Howey

Location: Norwich
Occupation: Community Development Manager and Freelance Wellbeing Consultant & Trainer
Heritage Open Days profile: I have experience of delivering tours and talks as part of the Heritage Open Day programme, as well as organising events myself.
Interests: Heritage sites as wellbeing resources, as well as widening social access to history and heritage. I am the founder of the Norwich Community History Club, the first group in Britain to use history/heritage-related activities to improve members' wellbeing.

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David Thomas

Location:  Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Occupation:  Townscape Heritage Initiative Project Officer
Heritage Open Days profile:  I’ll be encouraging the opening of doors onto a diversity of sites and activities across the rural district of Bromsgrove
Interests:  Novels and history books, poetry, the German language, elementary piano, badminton, British folk music and microbrewing

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Diana Terry

Location: Saddleworth, Greater Manchester
Occupation: Education Officer at Victoria Baths, Manchester now freelance artist, writer and lecturer
Heritage Open Days profile: Heritage Open Days Advisory Group member
Interests: Mills, public baths, industrial sites and submerged seasides. Obsessive collector of the material world, stone, wood, metals and above all glass especially of the Edwardian era

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Dinah Starkey

Location: Sevington, Wiltshire
Occupation: Freelance writer and lecturer
Heritage Open Days profile: One of the army of volunteers baking cakes, sweeping up bats' droppings and manning the barricades.  
Interests: Baking cakes - luckily. Also exploring local history, singing and arguing

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Elizabeth Squire

Location: Sevington, Wiltshire
Occupation: Village school mistress
Heritage Open Days profile: My sister Hannah and I will be 'at home' to welcome visitors during the Heritage Open Days.
Interests: Needlework, brewing and good works

Gary Webb

Location: Warwick
Occupation: Head of Landscape & Gardens at Compton Verney
Interests: Writes, photographs, eats, sleeps and breathes heritage gardens, plants and the natural environment. Favours wildflower planting and prefers green gardening methods

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Hannah Maddix

Location: Derbyshire
Occupation: Creative industries / Design
Heritage Open Day Profile: From W. W. Winter Photographers first National Heritage Open Day in 2013.
Interests: Doodling, Internet as Social Sculpture, spoons, books, books and more books.

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Holly Holder

Location: Cheshire
Occupation: Marketing Assistant
Interests: Specialises in writer's houses. Loves getting out into the countryside, enjoying good food and good company!

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Katja Condy

Location: Rochester
Occupation: Heritage Open Days Manager
Heritage Open Days profile: At the helm of the national event since 2003 without ever getting bored of it
Interests: Fascinated with how history shapes our collective memory. Archers addict until Nigel's death. Loves baking and being creative. Would love Britain to be a bike-friendly place

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Maggie Tan

Location: Norwich
Heritage Open Days profile: First involved in 2010 as an event steward then as Heritage Open Days Assistant at Norwich HEART in 2012
Interests: Art & design, photography, reading, writing, gardens and travelling. Loves exploring the old and the new and getting people involved with heritage

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Nicola Graham

Occupation: Heritage Open Days Administrator
Heritage Open Days profile: Latest addition to the Heritage Open Days team, during the summer months knuckling down to process thousands of entries
Interests: Our natural and built environment; heritage, its ability to strengthen identity and bind communities. Loves camping, stories, creative projects, and outdoor adventures

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Sarah Holloway

Location: London
Occupation: Heritage Open Days Coordinator
Heritage Open Days profile: The voice at the end of the phone for Heritage Open Days queries - love to help where I can
Interests: Tea, stories, cake, encouraging people to see heritage as an integral (and fun) part of everyday life, baking, walking... did I mention tea and cake?!

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Sara Jacobo

Location: Canterbury
Occupation: Student
Interests: Mythology and local legends, loves exploring new towns and finding out the history known only to the locals. Also loves travelling, baking, dancing the night away and curling up with a good book.

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Zoë Potter

Location: West Sussex
Occupation: Marketing Officer, West Dean College and Gardens
Heritage Open Days profile: Experience organising events and marketing for Heritage Open Days (and regular visitor!)
Interests: Loves exploring historical houses and discovering their stories, walks in the countryside, photography, baking and crafts

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