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Visit the older homes most improved for energy use

Posted on 28th August 2014 by Gordon Glass

2014 has seen a veritable explosion in green open home activity across the country. This culminates this September…

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St John the Baptist, Bristol: A New View

Posted on 20th August 2014 by Daniel Kimberley

Sitting within the medieval walls of Bristol is the church of St John the Baptist – opposite is a demolition…

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A K6 rang in Housman Square

Posted on 18th August 2014 by David Thomas

A poetic look at Bygone Bromsgrove. The visitor came from Birmingham New Street to the market town of Bromsgrove…

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Heritage and economic history

Posted on 25th June 2014 by Lewis Stallard

The Heritage Open Days team will soon be announcing its directory of events and while the names of the historic…

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Architecture re-imagined

Posted on 7th May 2014 by Holly Holder

A look into the importance of space within architecture. I recently went to visit the 'Sensing Spaces:…

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Corsets and crinolines :  A guide to Victorian etiquette

Posted on 9th April 2014 by Dinah Starkey

We’re going to be minding our ps and qs at Sevington Victorian school this summer. Sevington is a perfectly…

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Beautiful ruins

Posted on 2nd October 2013 by Colin Howey

I love ancient ruins. For me, they are poignant and enigmatic. They are also often beautiful. Beginning with some…

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The punk behind the window

Posted on 17th September 2013 by Colin Howey

Heritage isn't just about ancient survivors, it continues to evolve and develop within our own lifetimes. In…

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Make the most of Heritage Open Days

Posted on 10th September 2013 by Brian Johnson

With 4,500 venues to choose from, how do you plan a perfect Heritage Open Days itinerary? Few people are better…

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Guided tour brings church’s history to life

Posted on 23rd August 2013 by Brian Johnson

Few things bring a visit to a Heritage Open Days property to life more effectively than a great story – and…

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