Category: Fundraising

From HOD to HLF

Posted on 28th January 2015 by Hannah Maddix

In 2013 colleagues at a little business in Derby were 'umming' and 'ahing' about what to do with…

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The Heritage Lottery Fund and the Centenary of the First World War

Posted on 19th February 2014 by Anna Jarvis

In May last year, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) launched a new small grants programme: First World War: then and…

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The Big Bag Pack

Posted on 21st November 2012 by Dinah Starkey

Sevington Victorian School is run on a shoe string. There’s a small – very small – band of…

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Knocking on people’s doors

Posted on 5th February 2012 by Roger Woodley

Picture it. I want to persuade a new institution to open up for Heritage Open Days, or I’m looking for…

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Top tips for applying for grants

Posted on 29th November 2011 by Lucie Thacker

First of all, I don't have all the answers, and not all of our bids are successful. There is lots of good…

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How to run a fundraising campaign

Posted on 22nd November 2011 by Philly Graham

Working in the third sector, you regularly come across individuals throwing themselves out of a plane and into the…

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Top tips for tip top entertainment: how a drama performance brought a coffin fittings works to life

Posted on 16th August 2011 by Lucie Thacker

We didn’t decide to be dramatic – but Tin Box Theatre Company did. After many years of work…

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