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Do something new: discover Lepe’s Cold War history

Posted on 1st September 2015 by Sarah Holloway

Up periscope! Nia Crouch introduces us to the cold history behind Lepe Country Park's monitoring station... As…

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‘Do Something New’: Campaign Launch!

Posted on 3rd December 2014 by Annabelle Thorpe

Well, what an incredible year it’s been.  Heritage Open Days celebrated its 20th anniversary in serious…

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1 man, 260 landscapes, 300 years of fame!

Posted on 10th September 2014 by Ceryl Evans

The Capability Brown Festival plans to celebrate the work and legacy of Lancelot “Capability” Brown,…

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The House with the Horn - an architect’s riddle

Posted on 8th September 2014 by David Thomas

There could be little doubt about it, the building was sick and no amount of tinkering by the architect, listening…

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Battle of the bustles

Posted on 13th September 2013 by Dinah Starkey

War has broken out at Sevington Victorian School. And if that seems rather a strong word to use about a sedate…

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Make the most of Heritage Open Days

Posted on 10th September 2013 by Brian Johnson

With 4,500 venues to choose from, how do you plan a perfect Heritage Open Days itinerary? Few people are better…

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Medieval graffiti at Norwich Cathedral

Posted on 9th September 2013 by Colin Howey

Faces, ships, writing, architectural designs – these are just a few of the hitherto invisible…

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Please step on the grass, and look closer!

Posted on 6th September 2013 by Gary Webb

Do you have a garden location in mind for your Heritage Open Days discovery this year? I for one will be looking…

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Serene and spooky: Guy’s Cliffe

Posted on 3rd September 2013 by Ruth Webb

Guy's Cliffe is quite possibly the saddest place I have ever visited. It felt like it had been in decline for…

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Oxford insider top tips for the best of town and gown

Posted on 2nd September 2013 by Jane Baldwin

New buildings versus old buildings? Oxford Open Doors Assistants Tom Harper and Sorrel Poulton give their top…

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