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From 10-13 September, thousands of volunteers across the country invite you to experience local history, architecture and culture. The listings are now live but do keep checking as thousands more will be added in the run up to the festival weekend (as well as any amendments and cancellations). What will you discover?

And remember, everything is FREE to explore!

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Do something new - head to Staffordshire for a ‘Subway Submersion’!

28th August 2015

Underpasses or subways became popular in the 1970s as a means of getting pedestrians safely across busy roads but…

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Do something new: Explore St Marie’s Cathedral, Sheffield

26th August 2015

Today's spotlight falls on the beautiful St Marie's Cathedral in Sheffield. Laura Claveria, the…

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Do something new in Norwich

24th August 2015

Brass bands, fashion shows, and a chance to throw wet sponges are amongst the new highlights for Heritage Open…

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