Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Jordan Well, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 5QP

The History Centre is housed within the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum. It consists of the Coventry Archives and local records office and is a treasure trove of information on the history of Coventry and its citizens from medieval times to present. The huge range of original documents includes books, maps, newspapers, electoral registers and building plans. Photographs, oral history, microfilms and internet sources provide further evidence on the history of the city and the people who lived here. The event is a rare opportunity to experience some key documents in the History Centre's collections, first-hand supported by expert discussion with members of the History Centre's team. Included is a display and explanation of fascinating archives demonstrating life in the mid 19th century, The Board of Health maps (1849), Nathaniel Troughton's contemporary drawings of street and buildings and excerpts from a report into sewerage, drainage, water supply and sanitary conditions.

This event took place in September 2014 and the entry is now archived.



Organised by

Coventry City Council

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Coventry History centre

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