Sheffield Park and Garden (NT), Sheffield Park, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 3QX

Follow our self-guided walk and explore the garden and wider estate to learn more about the history of this fascinating landscape and the stories of the people who have lived and visited here.

The historic garden has been created over three centuries and shows influences of 'Capability' Brown and Repton in its design. Lakes and bridges form the centre of the garden, with paths leading off to hidden areas and a unique collection of trees and shrubs.

Out on the parkland our WWII pillbox, usually closed to visitors, will be open all day. You will be able to see inside this well-preserved feature, which dates back to the period during WWII when a Canadian Armoured Division was stationed at Sheffield Park. Traces of their time inside the pillbox can be seen in the graffiti carved or written on the walls.

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  • Saturday 12 September: 1000-1700 (last entry 1600)

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No booking required


The garden is largely accessible by wheelchair and mobility scooter. The WWII pillbox is located in our parkland, which is semi-rough terrain and may not be suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Dogs are welcome in the gardens after 2.30pm, and all day on the parkland. Weather appropriate clothing and footwear is advisable.

Additional information

The historic parkland forms a larger footprint for the Sheffield Park estate dating back several centuries. It has had many uses including a deer park and WW2 camp but is now grazed with livestock. The flood meadow runs across the bottom of the parkland and the original meanders of the River Ouse are still visible winding across the field. The area is teaming with wildlife including birds of prey, kingfishers, butterflies and dragonflies.


By Car: We are located midway between East Grinstead and Lewes, 5 miles north-west of Uckfield, on the east side of A275 (between A272 and A22). If approaching north-bound from Lewes, we are just past the Bluebell Railway, over the River Ouse bridge on the right. Coming south-bound from the A22 Wych Cross, follow the brown signs for Sheffield Park Garden and the Bluebell Railway. By bus: Saturdays - 121 service service from Lewes via Bluebell Railway Sheffield Park station. Sundays - 769 service from Brighton via Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and Bluebell Railway Sheffield Park station. By Train: Sheffield Park (Bluebell Railway) ¾ mile; Uckfield 6 miles; Haywards Heath 7 miles Parking: Parking is free and we have accessible parking available.


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