Somerset Rural Life Museum, Abbey Farm, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8DB

The museum is currently undergoing redevelopment but the Abbey Barn will be accessible for Heritage Open Days as part of our outreach programme during the closed phase. This will be the last chance for visitors to see the Abbey Barn before building work starts! Come and find out what we've been up to since we closed our doors at the end of March and learn more about the redevelopment plans. Staff and volunteers will be onsite to answer any questions.

This event took place in September 2014 and the entry is now archived.


Please note the Abbey Barn has a dirt floor and access is via a gravel driveway.

Additional information

The Abbey Barn was built in the 14th century as the storehouse for the home manor of Glastonbury Abbey and continued to serve as a farm building until 1974. The building was repaired and conserved by Somerset County Council and forms part of the Somerset Rural Life Museum.


We are located on the A361 near Glastonbury Tor. The museum is next to the roundabout where Bere Lane and Chilkwell Street meet. Please note the car park will not be open but visitors can use car parks in town or may be able to park outside the museum on Bere Lane.


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Somerset County Council

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Abbey Barn

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