Herne Bay Little Theatre, 44 Buller's Avenue, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5DA

This year marks the bicentennial of the formation of the Sturry to Herne Bay Turnpike Trust, a body with responsibility for maintaining the surface of the pre-existing road linking the city of Canterbury with the newly developing seaside resort. By the end of the eighteenth century visiting the seaside had become a fashionable pursuit, particularly among the upper classes who were turning away from the inland spas. Increasingly those of more modest means were starting to make journeys to coastal resorts, particularly those looking to benefit from the reputed health giving properties of sea water. Herne Bay had its first bathing machine as early as 1770, but during the years that followed, the resort did not really develop with any momentum, arguably due to its remote location. This illustrated talk will explore how improved transport links developed modern Herne Bay.

Opening Times

  • Friday 12 September: Talk 1930-2100 (approximate finish time)

Organised by

Herne Bay Historical Records Society/Canterbury Society

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