Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life, Beck's Square, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 6PJ

Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life is an award winning, family friendly local museum that explores the history of Tiverton and Mid Devon. Explore our large collections; including the popular ‘Tivvy Bumper’ GWR steam engine, farm carts and waggons and lots more! There is a lively temporary exhibition and events programme. The museum usually charges an admission fee but will be FREE on Saurday and Sunday. The museum is proud to be family friendly; there are activities around the museum for families, and explorer backpacks are offered to help our younger visitors investigate the galleries. All members of the family will enjoy their visit – whether it’s exploring something new or reminiscing over the past.

This event took place in September 2014 and the entry is now archived.


Disabled parking is available in the Beck's Square car park just next to the museum.


The museum is located next to the Beck's Square short stay car park, and very close to the bus station and the multi-storey car park.



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Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life

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