Hoopers Lane, Westonzoyland, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 0LS

The use of steam power on the Somerset Levels for land drainage began at Westonzoyland in 1830, when the first of eight pumping stations was built on the banks of the River Parrett. Discover how steam was used to power the 1861 Easton Amos land drainage machine and see it in action, together with our unique and varied collection of engines, winches, turbines and pumps. There is even a steam powered milk bottle washer. The Museum also features a 2' narrow gauge railway used for demonstrations and for transporting our timber fuel source to the 1938 Marshall portable steam generator. Other items of interest include a working Blacksmith's forge, Lister deep well pumps, small waterwheel and Lancashire boiler. The original buildings, comprising the engine house, cottage, forge and chimney are Grade II* listed and are open to viewing. Free Parking * Tea Room * Picnic Area * Book Sales

Opening Times

  • Sunday 13 September: 1200-1700

Booking Details

No booking required


Level access to most areas including entrance, tea room, exhibition hall and around site generally but some steps in original pump house, which do not restrict viewing of the land drainage machine.



Organised by

Westonzoyland Engine Trust

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View from the newly dredged River Parrett 1861 Easton Amos Land Drainage Machine Westonzoyland Pumping Station Westonzoyland Pumping Station Culverwell Horizontal Engine

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