Thousands of people experienced a special dawn during lockdown with live music as daylight swept across the UK on Saturday 16 May 2020.

Created in partnership and building on our founding ethos of free access and collaborative working, we're proud to present DAWNS, our first foray into programming beyond September.

We're delighted that it has been nominated for a Museum + Heritage Award (best use of digital - UK)! 

An invitation

Over 7000 people across the UK (and beyond!) shared a collective dawn during lockdown, marking everyone's individual experience as the sun rose.

On the early morning of Saturday 16 May, five musicians across the UK contributed to an original score by James Bulley as the dawn reached their particular location. The song buillt from a solo to a quintet as daylight swept across the country. During the performance participants were invited to take part in actions to mark their dawn, building a feeling of connection across the globe as thousands of people joined in. 

Time to think, and thinking about time

DAWNS asked people to consider their own relationship to time, nature and community, how lockdown changed our view on what's precious and a priority. The experience was open to all -  participants could use any smartphone, computer or device with internet access to stream the live music and share their dawn. It was a one off, unique collective experience prompting people to witness and share their own, original experience of the early morning - and now you can too! The photos have been gathered into an interactive collage and a short film shows you the rising of DAWNS, it gives you a sneak peek behind the scenes of the prep as well as a taste of the music and wonder of that collective sunrise.

Find out more and see the dawn at: https://dawns.live/ 

Who's behind DAWNS

This mass-participation artwork by non zero one is made in collaboration with composer James Bulley and in partnership with the National Trust and Heritage Open Days, with support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.