Joe Meek - 304 Holloway Road

The story of sixties songwriter and producing maestro Joe Meek is one of spectacular, albeit short-lived, success. The horrifying downward trajectory following his conviction for ‘importuning for immoral purposes’ ended in the murder of his landlady and his suicide.

What happened?

Live artist Julie Rose Bower created a trail around the area of North London where Meek was based, including multimedia installations. The route ended outside Meek’s home studio, where digital projections and a live performance created with the community over the summer played out to his early electronic classic ‘I Hear A New World’.

The artist: Julie Rose Bower

What next?

Part of the installation, ‘Green Door’ was installed at Islington Museum as part of “1967: Up Against It” exhibition until 21 October. Further parts of the installation and the accompanying newspaper as well as a DVD of the performance have been donated to Islington Museum’s LGBTQ archive to be preserved in perpetuity.