Meet the team

Annie Reilly - Manager

I am thrilled to be joining Heritage Open Days! I previously worked at Nuffield Southampton Theatres as Producer, managing a team to deliver a wide range of productions, co-productions and tours as well as programming incoming work. But, I have long been a Heritage Open Days enthusiast having first stumbled upon the Festival the day after I arrived from the USA ten years ago. I look forward to meeting you all and continuing the exciting growth of Heritage Open Days.

Sarah Holloway - Operations Officer
I’ve been working on Heritage Open Days since 2007, initially as the Registration Officer processing all the fascinating entries. Now, I’m responsible for the database, website and the day to day operations but I still do lots of processing and love the fantastic geographic overview it gives us of some quirky heritage hotspots! I’m also at the end of the phone or email for any queries, big or small, so do give me a shout if you need anything.

Nicola Graham - Visitor Experience Officer
I have been working with Heritage Open Days since April 2011. Like Sarah, I began at its core, reading and processing your registrations for our online directory. Assisting with registration and your queries is still an important part of my job: come August, it is all hands on deck! However, I also now work with venues, volunteer speakers and organisers to put together our annual Organiser Fairs; and to run our media training days; with film-makers to create new and engaging content for our video archive; and it is my pleasure to manage our superb volunteer social media team.

Andrew Woodall - Social media volunteer

I am a news editor, history blogger and social media fan, and have volunteered for heritage organisations for the last three years. I'm excited to be volunteering for Heritage Open Days, hopefully helping to raise awareness of this fantastic event amongst young families like my own. I am an Ancient History graduate, with a special interest in Roman Britain, and have a real soft spot for a country walk on a sunny day.

Emily Knight - Social media volunteer 

As one of Heritage Open Days’ social media volunteers I love connecting and communicating with all of the fantastic organisers and hearing what the public have to say about our wonderful and diverse heritage. As a history graduate I have always loved learning about all things ‘old’ and celebrating spaces and places of historical interest. I currently work in Marketing for a local charity and am so excited to apply my experience to help Heritage Open Days continue to celebrate local history and culture. 

Karina Belyanchikova - Social media volunteer

I’m thrilled to be part of the social media team at Heritage Open Days, especially during such an important time. For the last few years I have worked as a consultant, researcher and analyst helping various organisations understand and strengthen their communications and media output and I am excited to now be helping to shape Heritage Open Days’ voice in social media. In my spare time you are likely to find me at an exhibition, exploring local heritage sites, hiking, baking a cake or simply with a good book.

Kate Ingram - Social media volunteer

I'm a media officer for a local authority with a passion for the arts, heritage and social media. It's great to be part of the Heritage Open Days team and I'm looking forward to finding out more about all the great venues across the country. In my spare time I enjoy arts and crafts, going to gigs and visiting museums.

Rosalind Buck - Social media volunteer

I’m excited to be part of the social media team at Heritage Open Days, and can’t wait to start to help them celebrate and share stories about all the fascinating historic sites and buildings involved in the scheme. I am currently based in Yorkshire, working as an archaeologist, and I have a special interest in using social media to promote cultural heritage. In my spare time I can often be found traipsing through the countryside, exploring local heritage sites and museums, seeking out a good pub, or curled up with a good book or film.