Our partners

Heritage Open Days has flourished as a unique joint-venture spanning the public, private and voluntary sectors. 


Heritage Open Days is coordinated nationally by the National Trust with support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Locally, it is thousands of organisations and individuals from all walks of life who make the festival happen.

'I am a huge fan of Heritage Open Days, and everything that it stands for. Places of history and heritage help to bind our communities together. The festival is an opportunity to celebrate their importance, reaching beyond boundaries and bringing people together; all made possible thanks to the incredible generosity of hundreds of volunteers. Long may it continue to inspire.'

René Olivieri, Chair of the National Trust

'Heritage Open Days has inspired millions of people to connect with amazing historic places on their doorstep. More than that, it has inspired people to stand up for these valued local spaces and look after them. HODs is driven entirely by passionate local volunteers and rooted firmly in local communities, which helps them grow into heritage festivals and celebrations of our shared history. The National Trust is proud to be part of this people powered movement.

Hilary McGrady, Director-General for the National Trust


Heritage Open Days is organised by an enormous network of people who share a passion for places, history and culture. Locally, thousands of organisations and volunteers programme, fund and manage a fantastic array of site openings and events, jointly attracting millions of visitors. They make Heritage Open Days England’s biggest voluntary cultural event.

Being grass roots led the national team regularly consults with local organisers to inform our path forward. It also means that the organisational set up varies across the country according to what works locally - some places have an area coordinator who helps to build, connect and promote a festival hub. You can see our list of local coordinators here.