Greener living unlocked

What does it mean to go green? For many of us it might mean being more selective in what we buy. But this year during Heritage Open Days you can hear the inside story from dozens of households who have improved their homes and are enjoying lower carbon living as a result. And what’s best - they are telling us it leads to greater comfort and lower bills too!

Martin Crane at his draught-proofed Oxford SuperHome © SuperHomes

Green Home Open Days

This year green open home groups in Bridport, Devon, Dorchester and St Albans, along with the national SuperHomes network, are all hosting free open days. Attending an eco home open day is a great way to get inspiration and ideas for greening your own home. A visit can also give you greater confidence to move forward your own refurbishment plans.

Older homes without the moans and groans

Many of us love an older house with character but are less keen on the cold draughts associated with older homes in winter. The good news is that 21st century comfort levels are now possible in all homes. And refurbishing your home to a high standard of energy efficiency has many benefits. For example:

1. Other people’s fuel bills go up, yours go down. So you don’t dread those winter bills.
2. Mould growth is reduced or eliminated, so you breathe better and have better health.
3. Draughts are reduced, so you feel warmer and more comfortable.
4. Double glazing insulates you against external noise, so your home is more peaceful.
5. Your home stays warm 24/7 and as all the rooms are warm, you can use all your home.

A recent DECC report even concludes that the value of your house goes up by 14% in England when you improve it from EPC G to A/B rating, so you are financially better off!

But where can you see a house refurbishment project with this level of impact? If you don’t live close to a local green open home group then the answer is likely to be SuperHomes.


SuperHomes are some of the UK homes most improved for energy use. These are older homes refurbished by their owners for greater comfort, lower energy bills and far fewer carbon emissions (at least 60% less!). Every renovation is unique but finding a familiar property should not be too hard. Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and post-war properties are amongst those opening to the public in September.

Most SuperHomes have superior insulation; many have alternative heating sources and some produce their own energy. In Oxford you’ll find a 1930 semi with external wall insulation [1] and a 1970s bungalow with roof insulation [2]. Further afield there are homes with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery [3], a ground source heat pump [4], magnetic secondary glazing [5] and recycled paper loft insulation [6]. In short, there is lots to see and you can expect to come away with great ideas for greening your own home.

Book a visit

The SuperHomes website has some handy features and allows you to book for free tours and to filter for SuperHomes with particular technologies installed. Where guided tours are offered visitor numbers are capped to ensure there is time for you to ask questions. Do book in advance to guarantee your place.

Or, to find out more about all the many green living events taking place this September, simply use the Advanced search and select ‘Green living themed events’ here on the Heritage Open Days site.