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Take 5 with the Team

While October to March are considered our ‘quieter’ months, we haven’t been sitting on our hands - we’re gearing up to the launch of registration in March. So, grab a beverage of your choice and join me, the ‘new’ Registration Assistant, for a catch up to find out what exciting things are happening behind the scenes!

Long time, no speak!

… well, I may not be ‘new,’ but I am thrilled to be back as your Registration Assistant once more – even if the commute to work is a little chiller than last summer!

Taken on my way home last summer - it was so warm and now I come to work with a coat, scarf and brolly! © Charlotte Tindle

As the Registration Assistant, I have the privilege of reading many of the event entries submitted – this is my favourite aspect of my job. Last year I loved reading about all the fantastic plans our organisers had, while also broadening my knowledge of England's diverse heritage, which comes in all shapes and sizes! If possible, my role will be even more varied this year – which, due to awesome new prospects, also means I'll be here for the entire year! This is extremely exciting for me because it means I will be able to see the festival from its early stages into fruition and I will be taking you all on my journey - hopefully providing you with some electrifying behind-the-scenes updates!

I am also buzzing with excitement at this year’s theme, Astounding Inventions, and looking forward to exploring it with you all and celebrating this country's rich history of invention, industry, and innovation! Click here for more information about this year’s riveting theme Astounding Inventions.

It’s full Steam ahead at HODs HQ!

So, what have the team been up to since the last Take 5 with the team?

A blast from the past - This is how the HODs website looked in 2012 - do any of you remember it looking like this? © Heritage Open Days

Alex – The technical side

Alex has been testing and tweaking the website to make sure that event registration is ready to go come March – making sure that events this year shine better than ever! Thinking further ahead Alex has continued plotting on our exciting plans to revamp the entire website, so that it’s easier to navigate and find those extra special HODs events. Keep an eye out, as there will be lots of updates on this as the year unfolds, and we’ll be calling on YOU to help us make it the best it can be.

Liam – A New Wave is coming

Liam is currently sorting through the many fantastic applications, and may we just say, we are ecstatic with how many entries we have had! Click here to find out more about our New Wave Project and what to expect!

Along with this, Liam has been designing and producing our marketing material for the 2022 festival, planning press and social media support for the festival, and catching up with local organisers and sector bodies on all things invention, as we roll out our 2022 theme – Astounding Inventions.

Sarah – It’s good to talk

Sarah has been having a chatty few months! Talking to colleagues across the sector about the value of heritage to our wellbeing. Assembling the awesome festival coordinators to discuss plans for the year ahead. And now preparing the inspiration webinars to kick start the festival cycle with a bang – find out more about these sessions and book a place here. 

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