Heritage Open Days 9-18 September 2022 - What will you discover?

Astounding Inventions

Join us in celebrating England's rich history of invention, industry and innovation with our 2022 theme Astounding Inventions. Whether it’s transporting visitors back to the industrial revolution, examining the inventions that power our daily lives, highlighting the legacy of a local inventor, or showcasing cutting-edge innovations - this year we are inviting our festival community to showcase the diverse tapestry of English inventions that make our world go around.

What is an Astounding Invention?

Where would we be without steam trains? Computer algorithms? Chocolate bars? Or even toothbrushes? From innovative game-changing technologies to daily essentials, there are an overwhelming number of inventions that sit within our theme and are part of England's heritage. Primarily, events will focus on an invention or an inventor, but importantly, astounding inventions don’t have to be successful ones! We will be welcoming stories of wonders, blunders, and even short-lived oddities, or outright failures.

Why Astounding Inventions?

Uncovering places, people, and stories that traditional history has overlooked or forgotten has always been at the very heart of Heritage Open Days. Inventions are integral to daily life and yet so easily their historical significance and the inventors behind them can be overlooked, particularly given just how many inventions have been founded in England. We want to challenge the risk of forgetfulness, by asking our community to celebrate the legacy of English invention.

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