How to get involved

To join the amazing network of local organisers across the country, register with us online. If you get stuck at any point we're only a phone call or an email away.

HODs 2020 will be 11-20 September

Registration for Heritage Open Days events is now open. If you want to take part in this year's festival, make sure to submit your event by Monday 24th August.

(click here for our COVID-19 update)

Why get involved?

Registration step by step...

1 - Connect with us

Ask for a login to join the community and gain access to the Organiser area - this is where you'll find the registration form and a whole host of support materials.

2 - Submit your details

Event registration is now open! Submit your registration form to the team - you'll see its status change online.

3 - Check your listings

Every event will be reviewed by the team before being fully registered, if there's a query we'll be in touch, otherwise you will get an email to notify you that is has been approved fro publication. This might take a few weeks as we're a small team, please bear with us! 

Listings go live on the website in summer -  do check your entry is correct and present.

4 - Create your promotion materials

Use our online templates to promote your event throughout your community.

5 - Keep us posted

Let us know if anything needs changing in the run up to the event. Double check your risk assessment measures. Then have a wonderful event and tell us all about it afterwards!

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