How to get involved

To join the amazing network of local organisers across the country, register with us online. If you get stuck at any point we're only a phone call or an email away.

HODs 2019 will be 13-22 September

Registration will open in March


  • Find out more about our entry criteria and the support we offer then follow the steps below. (Remember - the sooner you register, the more we can support you.)
  • Download our handy registration roadmap and tips to further guide you through the process.

Registration step by step...

1 - Connect with us

Ask for a login to join the community and gain access to the Organiser area - this is where you'll find the registration form and a whole host of support materials. 

2 - Submit your details

Submit your registration form to the team - you'll see its status change online.

3 - Check your listings

Events that need our insurance will be reviewed by the team before full registration, if there's a query we'll be in touch, otherwise you will get an automatic email of approval. This might take a few weeks as we're a small team, please bear with us! 

Listings go live on the website from mid-July -  do check your entry is correct and present.

4 - Apply for material

The free promotional material becomes available in early summer. Once you have submitted an event you will be able to apply for it online.

5 - Keep us posted

Let us know if anything needs changing in the run up to the event. Double check your risk assessment measures. Then have a wonderful event and tell us all about it afterwards!

Useful links:

We will upload the 2019 documents when we launch registration