COVID Considerations - Take note then take part!

New Wave

Rolling in for the first time, New Wave is a training and development project taking a small cohort of Heritage Open Days (HODs) organisers and coordinators through a structured programme focused around the development of new, innovative HODs events aimed specifically at 18-34 year olds.

Why are we doing this?

We’ve changed dramatically in recent years from just opening doors to encompassing a wide range of innovative and dynamic events. However, too often we’re still perceived as only being for traditional heritage audiences. New Wave seeks to change that. This year-long project aims to enable the delivery of high quality events that push the boundaries of what people expect of Heritage Open Days, widening our appeal to audience groups that we have previously struggled to reach.

Who is taking part?

From almost 100 applications the following organisations were chosen to take part in this year’s New Wave project:

  • The South Asia Collection, Norfolk
  • Bath Abbey, Somerset
  • Wentworth Castle Gardens, South Yorkshire
  • Lyme Park, Cheshire
  • Brierley Hill Community Forum, West Midlands
  • East Suffolk Council, Suffolk
  • Bodmin & Wenford Railway, Cornwall
  • Sheffield Civic Trust, South Yorkshire
  • ‘a space' arts, Hampshire
  • Leeds Civic Trust, West Yorkshire
  • University of West London, Greater London

What happens next?

Our participants will be attending five training workshops over the year, working together and with the help of guest speakers to develop innovative and exciting events for this year’s festival. Watch this space to see how the project progresses and when you can expect to see a New Wave event happening near you!

UPDATE: In light of the current situation our New Wave project will no longer be producing events for September 2020. We are confident that the project will resume with the same cohort as/when things improve, and our participants will deliver a series of innovative and exciting events during 2021.