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A Buzz About Bees

Are you as bee-witched by our pollinator friends as we are? Or are you looking to encourage any budding beekeepers in your family? Either way, we’ve put together a handy list of bee-themed events so you can quickly make a bee-line over...

Small, fuzzy and our planet’s sweetest helpers, bees are causing quite the buzz at this years’ Heritage Open Days.

A world of honeyed wonder awaits at Whirligig Festival / © Theatre Orchard

  • Fly over to Western-Super-Mare and catch the Whirligig! Festival. Look out for BEES, a zany installation by Artizani which invites you to take a bee’s-eye-view of life around the hive. With mind-bending, multi-sensory effects, you are sure to be bamboozled!
  • A chance to Make your own Air Bee-n-Bee! Learn how to attract customers to your bees-ness by building the cosiest bee-hotel in Norwich. This one’s a keeper!
  • What are the differences between a bee and a dragon? Well, there are many, as it turns out…But at Here Bee dragons you might get a chance to spot both! Journey to St Chad’s in Stafford to face off against the ferocious creatures on their cave walls, before you relax with some honey samples. There’s even Bee Seed Bomb painting if you are still feeling adventurous. 

But what, you might ask, for those already buzzing about bees. Where to get more information? Well do not fear! Across the country there are un-bee-lievable local beekeepers just waiting to have a chat and answer all your questions.

Meet the bees in Beverley! / © Beverley Beekeepers Association

  • For those near Beverley in East Riding of Yorkshire, the indomitable Beverley Beekeepers are ready to give you all the inside buzz on caring for happy bees.
  • For the bee-curious, check out the Birmingham Honey Show where the keepers will be giving live bee demonstrations with their special glass observation hives!
  • Finally, for those ready to get started on a hive of their own, check out Liskeard Unlocked in Cornwall where Dale Wood is sharing his honeyed wisdom.

My goodness, it feels like bees are everywhere this year! We couldn’t wrap up without sharing some cheeky BONUS bee events:

  • Fort Purbrook in Hampshire is a Victorian fort that also supports a bee population. Battles and bees, who’d have thought it?
  • St Mary’s in Bletchley is a 12th century church with some very fuzzy neighbours. Relax and listen to their buzzing in St Mary’s newly revamped and ‘Unlocked’ churchyard!
  • At The Baker’s in Swindon, learn how to make origami bees for all your friends and family. Buzzing sound effects not included!

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PLEASE NOTE - These events were accurate at the time of publication but this year more than ever the details are subject to change. Please check the individual entries for more.