Stories from the team and beyond!

Here we’ll take you behind the scenes of running this amazing festival and introduce you to some friends and fascinating stories along the way.

Wall of small rectangular coloured cards pinned into a display of a heart with the letters NHS across it.

Migration Museum - Heart of the Nation

Old map of Kent highlighting pilgrimage stops.

Ancient Paths, Modern Hearts

Birds eye view of two people having tea and sticky buns at a round wooden table.

Take 5 with the Team

Large group of women holding white placards on the steps of a monument.

The Extraordinary Women of the WI

Illustrated print of 18th century fencing match. A man in breeches on the left parrying a woman in dress and cap watched by well dressed crowd.

Forgotten Battles: Gender in the Armouries

Blue starburst fireworks

New Year Honours – 2023 festival favourites

Three views of a painting: portrait of a woman, woman with a parrot peeking round her shoulder, green parrot on perch.

Can you believe what you see?

A re-enactor dressed as a mill worker, surrounded by wicker baskets.

Disability History: 'Any Work' at the Mill

Four men in featureless masks wearing bowler hats dance-walking along a street with three children following.

Buckinghamshire Archives - Treasures of the dark tower!

Focused white tea pot with intricate blue design set on a dark wooden table. Around it, matching jugs and cups on sauces with a similar blue pattern.

Take 5 with the Team

An art work of a steal pan band, abstract the individuals are in a drawn form with bright yellow, green and blue colours.

Creativity Unwrapped - a miscellany

Mosaic of images of pink open signs, a tea-pot decorated with HODs 'H's, doors with Open Signs and bunting in gardens and on buildings.

Take 5 with the Team - Festival travels 2023

An old stone church. There is grass in front, with black metal railings adorned with pink and white Heritage Open Days bunting.

Take 5 with the Team

A small glass tumbler with an iced drink, a slice of lemon and mint

Take 5 with the Team

Large black bird popping out of book.

BFI National Archive - creativity beyond film

Mosaic images, from allotments, produce, historic paintings and images or ruined buildings.

Grow Your Own - digging into the past

An open page of a book showing a coloured drawn atlas, showing the earths rotation.

7 Beautiful Books

Green flower patterned wall paper. Some aspects of green are muted, the others almost neon green.

Deadly Design: 5 cases for careful conservation

Circus poster illustration of a woman standing atop a galloping horse as men walk alongside.

Playbills of the past

A Japanese painting of women viewing the famous cherry blossom, walking in groups under parasols.

Festival of Blossom

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