12 Jun 2024
by Sarah Holloway

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Over 1,600 events are already listed with thousands more to be added in the coming months. Alex has been working super hard to get the new directory ready for us all, and we now have an integrated search, the goal we have been dreaming of for years in response to your feedback. What does this mean? Well, you can now search by keyword + date on a map, and lots more options besides. Happy exploring, and let us know if you have any feedback – this is just year one of the new system and we know if there aren’t gremlins lurking there will certainly be lots more potential to explore!

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Let’s celebrate (and vote please!) 

We may have mentioned, just once or twice, that it’s our anniversary this year! 30 years is a real milestone, and it is all testament to the amazing work of thousands of you, all across the country, contributing time and passion to share our wonderful heritage with more and more people. To honour this, and create a lovely record for the future, we are making an online gallery of 30 stories from our 30 years. The nominations are all in and it’s time to make some decisions – we need your help with this though. There are so many wonderful stories, but which are your favourites and what do you want to go in the final gallery to represent our festival for the future? You have until midnight 30 June to vote!

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Connecting with the community

For the first time since the pandemic we’ve been able to host some regional workshops in person! Although badly hit by train disruption, it has been fantastic to meet organisers in London, Preston and Newcastle. To hear about exciting plans and help people make new connections. We’re now more deskbound as the summer hots up but are looking forward to more community connections at our online events. We’ve just hosted one of our Community Cafes for organisers to share ideas and ask questions, and next up is the ever popular Getting Good Press webinar. It’s always good to talk, do join us!

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