A fond farewell: Q & A with Tanielle Lobo

Today we say a fond farewell to one of our four social media volunteers, Tanielle Lobo. Find out what Tanielle has been up to, behind the scenes at Heritage Open Days, over the past year.

What made you want to join the social media volunteer team?

As a digital marketer, I was keen to find a volunteer position where I could really make a difference with my experience and skill set while broadening my horizons within the arts and culture sector. This was exactly that and not only did it come across as a really exciting challenge with its huge nationwide following and strong community spirit, but on a personal level it appealed to my passion for design and interest in history and heritage.

What have you been busy doing behind the scenes?

The Heritage Open Days festival takes place for only 4 days every September. But behind the scenes there is always something happening all year round . Together with the other savvy social media team members, I had the responsibility of sharing and creating a buzz around all the activities and events that our fantastic organisers and volunteers take part in, highlighting their unique stories, talking about the latest heritage news, reminding people why it is important to acknowledge and preserve their local heritage, and trying to build on the growing engagement and visitor numbers of the previous Heritage Open Days.

What have been your highlights?

Covering the 20th Anniversary celebration live on social media from the stunning Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden in the presence of honoured guests and long serving heritage pioneers, was certainly one of my top highlights of the year. I was also proud to be a part of the HODS Selfie campaign, which saw some fantastic entries come through during and after the festival.

Anything you would like to share with our readers?

This volunteer position really opened my eyes to the importance of our heritage and its role in our everyday lives. To be a part of such a strong movement (even just for a short while), backed by thousands of enthusiastic volunteers and supporters has truly meant a great deal to me and been a real pleasure to experience.

I would like to finish off by thanking all who have made my time at Heritage Open Days so enjoyable and I would also like to take this final opportunity to encourage everyone to open their eyes and minds to their local and national heritage wonders and really make the most of the chance to discover something new and interesting at the free and unmissable annual Heritage Open Days festivals.

And we would like to say..

...a big thank you to Tanielle, for generously sharing her time and skills with Heritage Open Days and for her rich, informative and thought-provoking posts this year.

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