Heritage Open Days 9-18 September 2022 - What will you discover?

A new collaboration with 2017 Historic Photographer of the Year

We’re delighted to announce a new collaboration between Heritage Open Days and award winning photographer, Matt Emmett of Forgotten Heritage. Matt's specialism is ‘forgotten places and at-risk heritage’, and he’ll be capturing some of the unique locations opening during this year’s festival. Read on to find out more...

Who is Matt?

Travel website Trip Historic's 'Historic Photographer of the Year', Arcaid 'Architectural Photographer of the Year', and Pentax and Manfrotto product ambassador, Matt Emmett has a rare ability to find beauty and intrigue in locations that, on the surface, appear to be barren and lifeless. From abandoned power stations to overgrown mansions, he ventures off the beaten track to places where few would venture, turning them into aspirational locations to visit. He says “there is a vast amount of fascinating and exciting heritage out there just waiting to be discovered. If through the use of photography and digital media we can inspire more people to go out and take a first-hand look at some of it then that is a great thing to have achieved”. Matt’s photography allows you to peek beyond the fences and closed doors and discover previously hidden worlds – just like many of our Heritage Open Days events!

Find out more about Matt's work here and by following him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Lead Mine Workings © Matt Emmett

Why are we working together?

Working with Matt feels like a very natural fit for us.  Many of his images align closely with the values of Heritage Open Days and our organiser community – that England’s heritage goes far beyond just grand country houses and national museums. We are very excited to begin what we hope will be a long-standing collaboration that will help showcase the wonderful diversity of places featured in the festival.  Together, we hope to capture images of a selection of locations, shining the spotlight on the lesser-known gems within England’s heritage sector. We already have several shooting locations lined up and look forward to sharing the results with you!

Can Matt come and take pictures of my site?

Possibly! We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting places to photograph and shout about. Send an email to Andrew.Henderson@heritageopendays.org.uk with a short description of your site and a couple of images. If Matt is able to come and shoot, we will share with you all the images taken, free of charge, for you to use in your own promotional activities.