A peek behind the scenes

So it's the 5th of March and registration is...um, not open actually! We had hoped to open earlier this year, but we're currently in the throes (or rather the lovely Sarah is currently in the throes) of grappling with a new registration system and database.

© Katja Condy - Forum host Angela Lee gives us a special guided tour through Gladstone Pottery Museum

Like all great works of art it's taking a little time to perfect, but we're sure that when we do launch, the new system will offer organisers an easier and quicker registration process than we've had in the past.

There are new functions too, such as a simple search facility to see what similar events are taking place this year (or have happened in past years), and to see what else is going on in your area. There's an extra check box where you can register for your Heritage Open Mic event (more to be revealed soon), and we've tidied up the media corner too, so we can get a clearer idea about media contacts and those properties willing to be considered for TV coverage (and the very early starts that often entails!).

While we're delighted with the new database, we're even more pleased to be getting out and about again, to the Heritage Open Days Forums that are happening up and down the country this month. We had our first event at the wonderful Gladstone Pottery Museum in Stoke yesterday, which was a fantastic afternoon with lots of new ideas for 2013, and a great talk and group activity with perfomance poet Bohdan Piasecki from Apples and Snakes. Next week, we'll be off to Chichester, Leeds and Newcastle, and we look forward to the three forums we're running in partnership with accessibility project Accentuate.

It's a busy time for us, but we know that the REAL work begins once the registration process does open and all our wonderful organisers can start to reveal their plans for 2013. We know it's going to be a fantastic event this year, so bear with us just a little longer...after all, good things come to those who wait.