A star is born: How to get your event the coverage it deserves

It’s not even a week since registration opened, and already over one hundred events have signed up – some brand new for 2014, some old favourites who have been with us for years. It’s a great start, but we know that many of those planning to take part won’t register for weeks, even months and come August, our office will be groaning under the weight of last-minute applications.

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Why registering early makes sense...

So if you’re planning to take part in Heritage Open Days this year, register NOW! And not just to get it done and out of the way – it can also make a huge difference to the profile of your event. From April onwards, I send out press releases to national media, which focus on the highlights of the Heritage Open Days weekend. I can only choose these highlights from events that have already registered – so you may be planning a wonderful weekend, or opening up a truly unique building – but if you don’t register with us until August, I can’t talk about it till then.

Something to talk about...

The thing is, I WANT to talk about it! I want to know all the new, innovative, exciting things that are happening in celebration of Heritage Open Days 20th year. So, if you’re opening up for the first time, staging a new event, or have a great tale to tell about the building you’re revealing, now is the time to register. It’s worth taking a little time over it too – the more information you give us, the more enticing your event will be. If you’re not sure quite how to go about it, there are some great tips in one of Nicola Graham's earlier posts.

Get snapping...

And once you’ve registered, feel free to email me and give me a few more details about your event and the stories behind it; I’m a journalist by trade and always on the look-out for great tales to tell. Photos too – nothing sells a story like a great image, and a handful of decent, high-res pictures will go a long way to getting your event the coverage it deserves.

...and get the recognition your event deserves!

At the end of the day, I can only keep Heritage Open Days in the news if we have interesting, surprising, diverting, innovative tales to tell. But they’re not my tales, they’re yours. With all the hard work you’re putting into your event – isn’t it worth making sure they get told?