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This year, for the first time, we have encouraged organisers to hold online events as well as in-person activities. The creativity and enthusiasm of the HODs community knows no bounds. Alongside fascinating virtual tours, expert Q&A sessions and illuminating films, there are some unique behind-the-scenes events at places that are inaccessible to the public.

Here are 10 great highlights we've spotted so far:

In a secret location celebrity vehicles seek some R&R / © Colin Tebb

Reborn in a barn… Enjoy a virtual visit to a secret countryside location to learn about the historic vehicles – everything from bikes to tanks – that are lovingly restored by the Essex Historic Military Vehicle Association.

How many people can you fit in a signal box?... Virtually, all of them! The location of the Liskeard railway station signal box means it isn’t safe for visitors, but this online experience gets you close to the action.

Marvellous Minecraft… It’s Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, but not as we know it. The town has been recreated in Minecraft and you can take a tour.

It’s a small world… This intriguing virtual tour of Tattershall College from the perspective of ‘wee folk’ highlights aspects of the building that often go unnoticed.

From Mansfield Nottinghamshire to Mansfield Massachusetts - welcome!

Hands across the ocean… The Old Meeting House in Mansfield is linking up with the Congregational Church in Mansfield, Massachusetts to live stream a series of talks on topics including Religious Rebels and the history of the Quakers.

Are you sitting comfortably?… Fascinating tales of the ‘Hidden Nature’ that featured in many of the cases heard at Otley Courthouse will be shared during storytelling sessions for adults and children.

From rubbish to resource - the story doesn't end with your bin, a new one just begins!

One man’s trash… is another man’s treasure. Go behind-the-scenes at a Manchester recycling facility and find out what happens to your rubbish once you’ve put the bins out.

Raise a glass… Drinks innovators, Proudfoot & Co. have delved into their historical cookbooks to find inspiration for this live online recipe demonstration. Join in and learn how to make creative non-alcoholic drinks with often-overlooked wild ingredients.

Dinner is served… Travel through time to the 1830s and try your hand at serving dinner, Regency-style with this plate-spinning online game from the Regency Town House in Brighton and Hove.

Naughty by Nature… Torre Abbey’s virtual horticulture trail reveals the gardens in a whole new light with Latin names that will make you blush and plants that look a bit saucy. Oo-er!

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PLEASE NOTE - These events were accurate at the time of publication but this year more than ever the details are subject to change. Please check the individual entries for more.