An Open Mic at my Open Day?

Heritage Open Days brings people together to share the places that matter to them. Hosting an open mic event (open days - open mic, you get it!) is another way of encouraging individuals and groups to join together to cast a light on their hidden heritage - and their hidden talents. Fancy getting involved?

© John Cheves - The first Heritage Open Mic took place in Hastings in 2010

Taking place on the Saturday of Heritage Open Days, 14th September 2013, your Open Mic event could give everyone – from school kids to grandparents, singers, writers to comedians – the chance to make their voice heard and celebrate their history in whatever style they choose: whether in the form of a song, a rap or a reading, stand-up comedy or a theatrical sketch. All we ask is that in some way it is linked to your place or local history.

Open Mics can be a great way to engage new people and local groups with your Heritage Open Days event or venue: from youth groups such as Brownies or Scouts to amateur theatrical societies or creative individuals who simply want to step up to the mic. More than anything, though, we want it to be fun – and something that can be as enjoyable and creative to organise as to take part in. 

We know how busy all our organisers are; so with the help of performance poetry charity Apples and Snakes we've put together a little toolkit that will offer some tips and advice how to stage and run an Open Mic event. And in the coming weeks, there'll also be some guest blogs to draw inspiration from. But we’d like to hear your thoughts too. Would like to give it a go? Share your comments on this post.


How to run an Open Mic (PDF)

How to run an Open Mic (Word - big font)

Sign-up form template plus tips for Open Mic performers