Behind the Scenes: Mike Jones’s ‘New World’

If you have seen Paul Martin's beautifully crafted Paper Story animation and liked it, we have another treat for you. Something completely different.

© Mike Jones (screenshot) - Door to New World

 We are delighted to introduce our second video by Met Film graduate, Mike Jones. He is here to tell you a little bit about the creation of his edgy new interpretation, New World.

Tell us about yourself and why you were attracted to this project?

I’m a recent graduate from Met Film School. In my mid twenties, I decided on a career change and fortunately with a bit of support from my family and some saving, going back to retrain full time was possible. Now I’m out and about trying to build a new career.
I was interested in creating a piece that conveys the Heritage Open Days’ uniqueness but in a subtle way that challenges the brand and engages a new audience. The piece for me was about creating a mood and sense of exclusivity and intrigue -to give glimpses of Heritage Open Days as a new and unexplored world, that is waiting to be discovered.

How did you arrive at your idea?

Painfully! When I was invited to pitch my idea to Heritage Open Days I knew this was a great opportunity. But whilst I was prepping my idea for the presentation, I realised that something wasn’t working. Time was ticking and with an hour to go I decided to start from scratch. Nothing like a tight deadline to inspire creativity!

How did your idea become reality?

With a small budget, tight schedule and an ambitious idea, come many challenges. Luckily for me, Nathanael Bauer and Mary Lou came on board to help me pull the film together. Between us we managed to find great cast, crew and locations; without them it would have been impossible and I dread to think how the project would have turned out!

Any highlights?

In all honesty, I’ve really enjoyed the whole process, from coming up with the initial concept, meetings with the client, casting, shooting to editing the piece together – it’s been challenging but a good challenge!

Are you happy with the result?

Yes, I think everyone’s hard work shows on screen. I’d like to think we’ve created something that does the Heritage Open Days event justice - I’d love to know what you think!

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