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Cottagecore: 5 Dreamy Autumn Events

Harvest time is almost upon us... It’s time to wind back the clock, step into the simpler rhythms of the countryside and make the most of the bounty nature has to offer. Try your hand at activities such as foraging, apple picking and traditional crafts, all under the warmth of the waning sun.

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Forage for your own table

If you dream of the tang of wild brambles on your tongue, the warmth of a rose-hip cordial, or the zing of nettle soup, you ought to wander over to the magical South Cliff Gardens in Scarborough. Amble through the slopes, as experts share secrets of the many edible plants that grow wild around the site, as well as essential tips on how to forage safely and responsibly.

Take a few moments to breathe and find your inner serenity © St. Ives Civic Society

Weave your own basket

Put down your mobile phone and use your hands to create a picnic-ready willow basket. Before the activities start, take some time to roam around the 7-acre Holt Island Nature Reserve and contemplate the island’s long history of willow cultivation. Discover how St. Ives became known for producing willow wands, and learn about the island's historical importance to the basket making industry. As a bonus, you might be able to spot one of the many varieties of birds, mammals and insects, all of whom call the Reserve their home.

Harvest gorgeous heritage fruit from The Tasting Garden © Chris Wright

Pluck your own apples

Escape from modern life by wandering over to The Tasting Garden, a peaceful oasis in the city of Lancaster. Take the time meander down the branch-like paths, designed by environmental artist Mark Dion in 1998, and pick the ripe apples and pears from the 21 fruit trees all around you. This is certainly a sustainable alternative to shopping.

Crush your own cider

Drift around a traditional English orchard on Apple Day at Brimstage Hall. As you learn about the country’s rich tree heritage, you are invited to taste some delicious apples, pears and plums. Then, if you bring apples from home, you will get a chance to make your own fresh juice or cider in The Orchard's reconstructed 18th century cider press!  A delectable gift for friends, family, or even yourself!

Perfect a crunchy loaf in the warmth of your own kitchen © Anne Maasz

Return home (it doesn’t have to be a cottage!) and bake your own bread

Are you more of a homebody who enjoys those domestic comforts? Well, worry not. Settle down in your cosy kitchen and join in these online Sourdough Workshops. Delivered in two hour-long sessions, you will learn how to make your very own a sourdough starter, as well as techniques to perfect a crunchy loaf. Though making this popular traditional bread requires care, focus and time, the end results are always so delicious!

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