Heritage Open Days 9-18 September 2022 - What will you discover?

Dare to Dream - 25 craftivism workshops

Yesterday’s dreams helped shape today’s reality, so what future will your dreams create? Explore the stories of past changemakers and consider your own dreams at a special workshop this September.

© Craftivist Collective - Craft a cloud and share your dreams for the future with us.

As part of our People Power theme this year we’re delighted to be working with award-winning activist and founder of the Craftivist Collective, Sarah Corbett for our Unsung Stories project.  ‘Dare to Dream’ explores the stories of those who have affected positive change in their community by dreaming of a brighter future, and asks what we can do to keep moving things forward. At each workshop you will have the chance to hear the stories of the dream-makers of the past, and, prompted by 'crafterthoughts' consider what you can do to achieve your dreams for the future. Each workshop will centre around crafting your own dream cloud, stitching your positive message on it to share with the community or take home as your own quiet encouragement.

Dream with Sarah

Award winning activist and founder of the Craftivist Collective, Sarah Corbett encourages us all to #DareToDream

Be inspired by local stories and Dare to Dream with Sarah Corbett at these special events.

  • Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon: #DareToDream begins with this special stitching session and panel discussion at the home of the Dartington Collective. A group formed by Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst in the 1920s, whose dreams of a new model of living sowed the seeds for the Welfare State and more.
  • The Forum, Norwich: Explore how this community hub arose like a phoenix from the ashes of the city's historic Central Library, whilst considering your own dreams for the future.
  • People's History Museum, Manchester: Full of incredible People Power stories, such as the Match Girls Strike and Peterloo, what better place to discuss the changemakers of the past and consider your own dreams for the future than the People's History Museum?! Inspired by their collections you can also hear Sarah Corbett in conversation
  • Miners Hall, Durham: Enter the engine room of the Durham Miners Association to explore your dreams, where they worked on theirs to improve the lives of mineworkers.

More chances to dream

From crafting clouds lit with LEDs to creating a cascade of dreams and contributing to community artworks, festival organisers, inspired by Sarah's work, are offering you many other opportunities to Dare to Dream.

Make an illuminated cloud at Headstone Manor & Museum with e-textile artist, Emily Gilles / © Forster Rohner AG (Wiki Creative Commons)

In the South

Craft your own cloud or contribute to a community 'Proud Cloud' celebrating People Power through the ages at Holy Trinity, Sutton Coldfield

In the Midlands

Fuelled by tea and cake you can contribute to a permanent artwork highlighting Thorney Village's dreams for the future

In the East:

Craft a cloud of courage at the stunning Sunderland Minster / © El Bingle

In the North:

Be inspired by the 'crafterthoughts' at each workshop

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