‘Do Something New’: Campaign Launch!

Well, what an incredible year it’s been. 

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Heritage Open Days celebrated its 20th anniversary in serious style, kicking off with our inaugural awards evening and ending with a record-breaking four-day festival  that welcomed three million visitors.

Time to rest on our laurels? Certainly not!… we’ve been busy coming up with ways to help you make Heritage Open Day’s 21st year even better than the last.

Do Something New

We’re delighted to launch our ‘Do Something New’ Campaign, which is all about refreshing, reinvigorating and re-interpreting our places, sites and events to ensure that Heritage Open Days 2015 will be more eclectic than ever before.

Over the next year, we will be posting ideas, case-studies, tips and toolkits on our website, with suggestions for organisers, volunteers AND visitors. 

Don’t panic!

It’s not about starting from scratch.  It might be focusing on a different period in a building’s history, bringing in a group of local actors, or simply trying out some new craft activities or cake recipe!

We’ll be looking to your for your thoughts and suggestions; working together to ensure Heritage Open Days remains at the forefront of local heritage.

Here's how to take the first step....

Organiser Fairs 2015: register your interest

This year's Organiser Fairs will be at the heart of our campaign. Three days held at different locations across England, designed to give organisers, old and new, the opportunity to meet, connect, become inspired and share best practice.

There will be a wide range of sessions to choose from, delivered by fellow organisers and professionals in the industry. Like the event itself, the days are completely free. Register your interest today and we will get in touch with you in the new year with all the details you will need. See here for more details of what to expect. We would be delighted to see you there.

To follow the campaign and see the resources, keep an eye on our new 'Do something new' page.