Extraordinary Women: Stories from the ‘Second’ Sex

Here at HODs HQ, we don’t like to let the grass grow too much.  Four weeks ago today we – like many of you – were out and about enjoying some of the fantastic events taking place for Heritage Open Days 2017.  Four days of amazing talks, walks, openings and happenings and then, suddenly it’s all over.  Until next  year. 

Well, next year starts right NOW!  We’re thrilled to announce our main theme for 2018, which marks the 100th anniversary of the Universal Suffrage Act, when (some) women finally gained the right to vote.   Extraordinary Women will commemorate not just those who fought so hard to gain the vote, but the hundreds and thousands of other women who have changed our lives in both large and small ways over time.

And this is where YOU come in!  We’re asking our organisers, volunteers and visitors to begin to think about women in your community, town or village that deserve to be recognised and celebrated.   Women who have achieved greatness in their field – or simply been a wonderful and supportive neighbour.  Women whose stories have never been told – until now.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll tell you more about our plans for Heritage Open Days 2018, and how we are going to explore, discover and share these Stories from the ‘Second’ Sex.  For now, we’d love to hear about the women you believe should be celebrated in next year’s festival .  Drop us a line at info@heritageopendays.org.uk and tell us about the women who have made your family, community or town just that little bit more, well, extraordinary.