Festival fever

Bunting danced on the breeze and the sun shone this weekend as castles, caves and coastlines were explored for free as part of Heritage Open Days 2017.

© AHS - Tales were told on the tug on the Albert Dock in Liverpool.

Last weekend 5,588 events bubbled up across England in what was the biggest Heritage Open Days ever. Thousands of local volunteers welcomed millions of visitors in a huge celebration of all our stories. Thank you to everyone involved; to all of you who visited and especially to all who made those visits possible.

Behind the clockface - we got an unusual perspective of Lowestoft's old Town Hall! (Credit SH)

Around England in four days...

  • On the Welsh border, a flame burned in Oswestry despite some drizzle, and hundreds of letters were posted to contribute to a commemorative diamond
  • On the East coast Lowestoft Town Hall was able to open its doors after many years of disuse, encouraging exploration and ideas for future use.
  • In the heart of England glorious original plans of a Leicester landmark delighted viewers.
  • Up North, bunting guided visitors to a tour of Bank Hall, Bretherton as major restoration work begins.
  • Down South, Herne Bay cemetery drew visitors from as far afield as Uganda as volunteers helped them find their ancestors.

How was your festival?

We hope you enjoyed the four day extravaganza and look forward to hearing all about your experiences. Every bit of feedback counts and helps us keep the festival  growing stronger and brighter.

For Unsung Stories, a flame burns in Oswestry - turning visitors words from ink to ash to diamond in a celebration of love. (Credit AHS)

  • Did you VISIT an event (or two or three….)? Let us know how it went, you can send feedback about a specific event using the link on the event directory listing or just contact us directly
  • Did you VOLUNTEER at an event? Then please complete this quick feedback form to add your voice to the national review.
  • Did you ORGANISE an event? Please check the evaluation page in your organiser area to add all your details to the national review.

Thank you one and all!

 More details will follow after the annual review.

Stunning drawings from the original plans for a Victorian bank in Leicester. (Credit SH)