Five reasons why you should register NOW!

We all love to put off something today that we promise ourselves we’ll do tomorrow.   It’s no different with Heritage Open Days; often hundreds of events are still being registered right up until the very last minute.  But registering early has huge benefits, so here are five reasons why you should sign up right now!

© Rahil Ahmad - Heritage Open Days Cupcakes!

1. Press releases are already being sent out

Glossy magazines – everything from Country Interiors to in-house titles by Sainsburys and John Lewis – work to very long deadlines, usually three months in advance.  Heritage Open Days has good relationships with many of these publications, but in order to get a mention on their pages, I need to have our newest stories over to them by the end of May.

I put together a ‘highlights’ release, which details new, unusual or unique events that are happening for HODs this year, BUT I can only pick from events that have registered.  Once that’s happened, I can promote your event across print, broadcast and online media – meaning more profile and more visitors on the day.

2.  Our banners, balloons and bunting are all yours

Register early, put in a request for marketing materials and you’re far more likely to receive what you ask for.  We have posters, laminated boards, banners, bunting, balloons and stickers, but only a certain amount of each.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.   Early birds and worms spring to mind.

3.  Become part of the Heritage Open Days’ experience

Our festival is about more than just four days in September.  We love to get to know our organisers, to offer them opportunities to share their knowledge and experience.  Once you’re registered, you can write us a blog post, or be added to the ‘Meet Our Organisers’ page on our website.  We may feature you on social media or ask you to become involved in a competition.  Once you’re registered, you’re really part of the team.

4. Polish up your PR skills

Register with us now and you can reserve a place on our Media Masterclass, which takes place on Wednesday June 28th.  A full-day course, covering all aspects of media from writing press releases to conquering social media and learning the right technique for interviews, our Masterclass gives the chance to learn from industry professionals, alongside other HODs organisers.  Details will be posted next week.

5. Because then you won’t have to do it tomorrow

Which leaves more time for other things (including lazing on the sofa and eating cake).