Go geocaching in Norwich!

Inspired by the concept of geocaching, this year I’ve decided to organise a temporary heritage hunt throughout the fine city of Norwich for a little bit more fun!

© Maggie Tan - One of the caches you can discover in Norwich over Heritage Open Days 2012

Treasures waiting to be discovered

Over the Heritage Open Days weekend, I will hide ten caches in various Heritage Open Days locations throughout Norwich. These caches will contain goodies such as Heritage Open Days badges and stickers as well as a logbook for you to sign and write about your experience. Some caches will have small items for you to collect and the list so far includes handmade badges, hazelnuts and miniature St Peregrine charms!

How to go about it

All you really need is a pen and a GPS-enabled device (or GPS-enabled mobile phone) to find your way to the given sets of GPS coordinates to look for the caches. So get ready to find it, sign it, then hide it just the way you found it!

Most caches will be the size of a regular tupperware but at least two caches will be small enough for you to wrap your hand around. The smallest cache of all is a magnetic nanocache and it’s the size of my thumbnail! If you’re a local resident taking part in this heritage hunt, I have a feeling you’re going to be spending some time staring at buildings and gardens you’ve never really paid much attention to before.

The cache locations include places such as the Adam and Eve Public House, the Bishop’s House Gardens, the Cathedral of St John the Baptist and Surrey House. Not all the venues will be open for the whole weekend, so do plan ahead – you can download the brochure and opening times.

Keep an eye out for GPS co-ordinates which will be listed on Norwich HEART’s website on the first week of September.

And if you’re inclined to find caches in the great outdoors after Heritage Open Days, the National Trust’s geocaching trails should keep you busy for a while. 

Happy heritage-hunting and I hope you have a fantastic Heritage Open Days weekend wherever you are!