Heritage Open Days Celebrates Inventions, Innovations, and Discoveries

Our annual free festival of fun and fascinating events returns in September with the theme of Astounding Inventions. We're inviting local organisers to explore England's history of invention and innovation - see some early highlights in our press release below.

This year our organisers will be celebrating the cutting-edge creations that make our lives easier as well as the imaginative inventors behind them. Whether it’s transporting visitors back to the industrial revolution, examining the inventions that power our daily lives, highlighting the legacy of a local inventor, or showcasing cutting-edge innovations - we can't wait to see what our community has planned. Alongside stories of wonders, the festival will highlight some of the blunders, fads and outright failures that pepper England’s rich history of innovation.

The event directory launches in June but here are some of the astounding highlights so far:

The British Lawnmower Museum, Southport, Lancashire
At the cutting edge - the astounding invention of the lawnmower. Come along to the museum for special tours and talks focusing on this most British of obsessions.

The History of Gas - Beverley, North Yorkshire
Join internationally acclaimed historian of gas, Professor Russell Thomas, for a talk on the origins and development of the industry and how Beverley came to be lit by the elegant gas lamps that still stand today.

British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum - London
From rare pre-war radios to television sets you might remember seeing at your grandparents’ house, learn about advances in technology during a century of broadcasting.

Download the full press release with more event highlights here