Heritage Open Days: 10-19 Sept. 2021 - what did you discover?!

HODs Headlines 2018

In 2018, for the first time ever, Heritage Open Days was across two weekends, and over 3 million visitors enjoyed the 5,517 events on offer. Coordinated by 2,046 amazing local organisers with the help of 49,000 volunteers, the festival is a huge community celebration. A massive THANK YOU to all who took part to make it so: from printing flyers to pouring tea to eating the biscuits and taking the tours. Here's how you've made a difference and been part of our national celebration...

"Still buzzing from the experience. Definitely can't wait for new adventures next year!" - visitor 2018

Making a difference to local communities

Taking a dinosaur for a walk - just another day at the festival for Weston Museum! / ┬ęChrisLacey

  • 74% of visitors live locally
  • 91% feel that visiting helped them to have more appreciation for their local area
  • 79% feel that it helped them to understand the background of others
  • £20million added to local economies

...& the heritage sector...

"Fantastic morning - a real privilege to be able to explore an otherwise inaccessible place" Visitor 2018 / ┬ęChrisLacey

  • Nearly 1 in 3 visitors had not visited a heritage site in the past year
  • 85% feel inspired to visit other heritage sites in the future
  • 86% of volunteers are more likely to volunteer with other heritage sites/ organisations 

...all whilst having fun!

  • 96% of visitors enjoyed their experience
  • 94% of volunteers fully enjoyed their experience

Hitting the headlines

  • Coverage on over 20 regional radio stations + 9 TV stations
  • Featured in The Times, The Daily Mail, Grazia, as well as on ITV’s This Morning
  • Over 2.8 million website views during the festival + social media content seen over 400,000 times

Celebrating Extraordinary Women

Over 140 suggestions were sent in for our 'Wall of Women'

This year's theme was 'Extraordinary Women', inspired by the anniversary of the first women in England being able to vote but looking beyond stories of suffrage to champion all women who have touched lives, and made a difference at every scale.

  • Over 500 Extraordinary Women events were held, making up almost 10% of total events
  • Over 140 women, suggested by organisers and members of the public were featured on our ‘Wall of Women
  • This year's Unsung Stories commission - non zero one’s artwork, put her forward received more than 200 public nominations for living women who have positively impacted on those around them

Many thanks to all who participated, especially our wonderful local organisers. 

HODs will be back next year (13-22 September) celebrating People Power for our 25th anniversary!

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