HODs Quiz of the Year

Sharpen your wits and pencils – it’s quiz time!

One of the things l love most this time of year is the bumper selection of crosswords and quizzes. My family and I bicker over who gets to tackle them first, and laugh over the mistakes we make (sticky labels have to be kept on standby!) So this year at HODs central we thought we’d add to the merry mix –pencils at the ready, here it is, our very first ‘HODs Quiz of the Year’! Good luck – and remember, it’s the taking part not the winning that counts!

All the answers can be found on our website but when you’re ready to check them off click the link at the bottom.

HODs around the country

1. Church bells are the loudest musical instrument in the land – how many places could you hear them during HODs? (HINT check our Event Directory search!)

  • A. 13
  • B. 34
  • C. 134
  • D. 1014

2. This might be a familiar view to film fans; it was open especially for this year’s festival, but where is it? And whose ‘classroom’ was it?!

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3. What is an ‘incunabula’ and where will you find one during HODs?!

4. Name this beautiful site and its claim to fame!

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  • A. London Aquatics Centre
  • B. Cleveland Pools, Bath
  • C. Roman Baths, Bath
  • D. Stowe Landscape Garden, Buckinghamshire

5. Where could you find some ‘Tea and Zen’ amid the bustle of festival visiting?

HODs central

1. What year did the national festival begin?

2. What are the festival’s entry criteria?

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3. Heritage Open Days is part of a European wide initiative - what’s the name of our counterpart festival in Scotland?  

4. How much money did HODs contribute to local economies this year?

5. 2018 was the bicentenary celebration of which Landscape Designer, famous for his ‘Red Books’ with lift up flaps to reveal before and after pictures?

6. BONUS QUESTION for our twitter followers – what’s the story behind this picture?

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Extraordinary Women

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1. What anniversary inspired our theme this year?

2. How many women feature on our Wall of Women? (bonus time – how many can you name?!)

3. Which early feminist inspired three HODs events this year spanning the country from north to south? All three featuring this beautiful artwork by STEWY.

4. Where was 13th century businesswoman Licoricia from?

5. What was the name of our arts project that created 25 new statues of incredible women today?

Looking ahead

1. What are the dates for Heritage Open Days 2019?

2. Why will it be a special year for the festival?

3. 2019’s theme will be’ People Power’ to mark the anniversary of Peterloo. What was Peterloo?  

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4. What BBC documentary has sparked a plastic revolution in people’s recycling practices?

5. Name this seasonal song whose lyrics hold a powerful message to people everywhere to make a change –

And so this is Christmas for weak and for strong

The rich and the poor ones, the road is so long.                                              

And so happy Christmas for black and for white

For yellow and red ones let's stop all the fights.

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year

Let's hope it's a good one without any fear.

How well did you do?

Click here for the answers

Have a magical holiday season one and all!

Festive cheers from all of us at HODs central

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