Love letters - let your words sparkle

We're looking for love letters to shine more light on Gilbert & Gordon's Unsung Story. Contribute your words to their diamond...

Gilbert & Gordon: Then All The World Could See How In Love We Are is a public participation project that takes its title and inspiration from love letters exchanged between two WWII soldiers, Oswestry-based Gunner Gilbert Bradley and Infantryman Gordon Bowsher. The project seeks to recognise and celebrate the diversity of love within our communities in 2017 by creating a commemorative diamond ring from the ashes of burned love letters written by members of the public. In 2018 following a public ceremony the ring will be presented to Oswestry Town Museum to be displayed in the museum’s exhibition for ‘all the world to see’. We hope the ring will serve as a symbol of the diversity of love experienced in 2017 and a tribute to the love Gilbert and Gordon, and many like them, were never legally allowed to express in their lifetimes. 

Spread the love, add to the sparkle

So we need YOU to send in your love letters to make Gilbert & Gordon's diamond the brightest it can be.

Find out more about the project on our Unsung Stories page