New year resolutions

Yep, it's that time. We're back from the festive break and swinging into gear for our bright, birthday year. We've set some New Year resolutions to guide us but can we keep them? Watch this space for updates!

Annabelle wants to celebrate!

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I’m thrilled to have taken over the reins in HODs’ 25th birthday year; a year that sees us celebrate ‘People Power’ – a notion that lies at the very heart of everything we do.  For me, the unique thing about HODs is the stories it uncovers – revealing individuals and their achievements, both great and small, that are often unrecognised and overlooked.  In 2019, I’d love our first-ever ten day festival to be packed full of inspiring, uplifting tales.  And my other resolution?  To give HODs a giddy, glamorous, gorgeous 25th anniversary celebration – no less than this wonderful festival deserves.

Sarah wants to build bridges

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The best thing about HODs for me, is not the amazing array of events that take place in September, it's the incredible people that put those events on. Every organiser, coordinator, and volunteer involved in the festival is part of the most extraordinary community network. And I'd really like to see that network strengthened - not just by welcoming more people but by builiding more bridges to connect each person and group. The more we can connect, the more stories, experiences and resources we can share to build a brighter, stronger community. So here's to more hello handshakes in 2019 to counter all the farewell exits! 

Alex wants to get out more

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With over 5000 incredible events every HODs – sadly it’s impossible to visit each and every one over a handful of days in September. As I know how much hard work HODs co-ordinators, organisers & volunteers put into their event to make it that special day, this year I want to get out of the office more to see Heritage Open Days in action. I really want to know what makes our community ‘tick’, and how we can help you more throughout the year.

Andy wants to go green

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It’s been almost 2 years since the release of Blue Planet 2. For many of us, myself included, this series was a real wakeup call to the impact that plastic is having on our planet. My aim for 2019 is to try and make HODs as environmentally friendly a festival as possible, playing a small part in preserving our natural and built heritage for future generations. Over the year, I’ll be looking at ways in which we can do this, as well as providing better information on how our organisers can recycle and reuse our marketing materials