Online Events

Has an event ever caught your eye, only to discover that it’s taking place on the other side of the country? Luckily we have a huge range of online events for you to browse at your leisure! Whether you’re a sweet-toothed Geordie who can’t get to London’s Chocolate Museum, or a Brummie with a love of marginalia but no time to visit Devon’s historical book exhibition, we’ve got you covered.

Close up of an old manuscript covered in calligraphic script.© East Riding Archives - Online events can give us a closer view of beautiful pieces like this - with experts talking through their mysteries!

Collections in cyberspace

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (East Riding of Yorkshire)

While the Treasure House itself may be closed for redevelopment, its collections have moved online, just waiting to be discovered! To celebrate our Creativity Unwrapped theme, explore the wide range of videos that highlight the history of the grassroots creative communities found throughout the East Riding, including rarely seen archival material, medieval books and works of art.

Brightly coloured, detailed painting on a small round object against a painted wooden background. Floral and harlequin motifs plus a landscape scene.

Explore the colourful creativity found in canal culture with these short videos / © Kerry Dainty

Floating artworks

Heatherfield Heritage (Cheshire)

Join Heatherfield Heritage as they publish an array of videos to showcase the unique art forms of the Inland Waterways. These include the painting of the boats, traditional clothing of the boaters and even the physicality of operating the boats themselves.

Creative engineering

Women's Engineering Society (National)

When thinking of creative careers, electrical engineering and business may not immediately spring to mind, but creativity comes in many forms! There’s still time to catch the last session in the amazing series of 'Women In…' talks. Learn all about the life of pioneering businesswoman and electrical engineer Margaret Partridge with Anne Locker from the Women’s Engineering Society. Nb. You need to book this one to get the link!

A man and three children sat at a desk with technical equipment.

Hear the results of this team's work in a special audio trail exploring myth and memory. / © Midsomer Norton Community Trust

Myths and memories of Midsomer Norton

Midsomer Norton Cultural Consortium and Somer Valley FM (Somerset)

Still fancy getting out and about? Follow the link and take yourself on a self-guided audio trail across Midsomer Norton High Street. Starting in the medieval period, discover thirteen landmark locations to learn all about the unique history of the industries and individuals that make up this market town.

The Boat that Rocked

Chelmsford Civic Society (Essex)

Pop your headphones on and transport yourself back to the 1960s with this podcast episode from DJ Ray Clark, on the history of Radio Caroline. Hear all about Ray’s experiences as a DJ for this famous pirate radio station and how royalty, murder and battles with the government all come together to form the wild history of Radio Caroline.

Dimly lit museum cabinet with two ancient figurines and an assortment of strangely shaped objects.

Can't get to the museum? Take a virtual tour and explore more with their special trail. / © The Chocolate Museum

Ancient chocolate quest

The Chocolate Museum (London)

Fancy a cuppa?! Follow the trail to complete the quest and discover how the Mayans made their hot chocolate, and the cups they drank it from.

Magic in the margins

The Devon and Exeter Institution (Devon)

What can we learn from the doodles, notes and scribbles in the margins of books? What can they tell us about who owned them, where they’ve been, and what and how they thought? If you can’t get to the in person exhibition in Exeter, get online and up close to these historic texts that have folded letters, newspaper cuttings and pressed flowers tacked in by owners who, while themselves are long gone, retain a presence in their cherished books.

A ruined stone tower and two bits of ruined wall in a grassy landscape.

Now in ruins, but still a 'marvellous beautiful' wall! Find out more in this recorded talk and tour / © Berwick HODs Photographer

Fascinating fortifications

Berwick Heritage Open Days (Northumberland)

Make the most of our online offerings by taking part in Heritage Open Day’s northernmost event! If you can’t get to the in person event, join local historian Jim Herbert from the comfort of your own home as he leads you on a virtual walk amongst the northern medieval defences of Berwick. Trace the changes in warfare technology from the earliest 13th century ditches to the 16th century bastions that are often overlooked in favour of Berwick castle and its ramparts.

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