Take inspiration for 2017: themes and programming prompts!

More and more our audiences are demanding the new new. They are asking us to programme new events, open new places or tell new stories. Programming prompts and themes are a great way to refresh your offer: to work with new people and explore new stories and spaces.

With that in mind, we are delighted to announce our three core themes for 2017 to help inspire you:

Heritage and Nature

This is the European Heritage Days theme being adopted in many countries around Europe. It’s a chance to open a green space (park, nature reserve, woodland…anything!) or natural feature (highlight a river, lake, hill). You could reveal the history of that space or animate it with activity.

LGBTQ Heritage

2017 is the 50th anniversary of the partial de-criminalisation of homosexuality. This is a chance to open places and tell stories that may have been side-lined or silenced. It’s a great chance to work with partner organisations - both community groups or one of the myriad museums and cultural institutions that are marking the anniversary.

50th Anniversary of Conservation Areas

This year sees half a century since the advent of conservation areas. Is there one near you? Could you reveal the past and present of that area or open up a conversation about what conservation means to people today?

Although these are three strands of heritage we’re spotlighting they are—of course—far from the only ways to keep your programme fresh and keep your audiences coming back. Stay tuned for more ideas and case study examples to help inspire you throughout the year!