Connecting trees and people

Led by the Woodland Trust, more than 70 organisations from across multiple sectors have joined forces to lead society in creating a Charter for Trees, Woods and People that will guide policy and practice in the UK, enabling a future in which trees and people stand stronger together.

The Tree Charter will be launched on November 6th 2017, the 800th anniversary of the historic 1217 Charter of the Forest which established rights of access and use for the Royal Forests in England.

Creating the Tree Charter:

The Woodland Trust, working with our partner organisations, have been working towards a collective aim of connecting people and trees. To create this Tree Charter, we collected over 60,000 ‘tree stories’ from people across the UK about what trees and woods mean to them. These tree stories, along with specific consultations with forestry and sector professionals, enable us to get a clear idea of the value of trees and woods to the UK. They will form the basis for the partner organisations to write the content of the final Tree Charter.

Some tree stories

The 10 Principles:

At the end of March 2017, we announced our 10 Tree Charter Principles. From this moment on we’ve been asking people to sign the Tree Charter

The Tree Charter Principles

How to support the Tree Charter:

If you would like to support the Tree Charter, then there are several things you can do.

  • Firstly you can sign the Tree Charter yourself online or offline.
  • One of the themes for Heritage Open Days this year is 'Heritage & Nature'. So there's no better time to celebrate our woodland heritage as part of the festival - why not get the Tree Charter message into your events in September? You can download a signature gathering form from the Tree Charter website to gather signatures of support at your events. Find out how you can get involved in Heritage Open Days on the Organising pages
  • We also have over 300 Charter Branches around the UK, who are helping us to connect people and trees and connect people with the message of the Tree Charter. It is free to register as a Charter Branch, which can be done online. More can be found about the role of Charter Branches on the Charter Champions page. When you register as a Charter Branch, we will send you a pack of resources to help you collect signatures of support for the 10 Principles. You will join a network of groups across the country who are celebrating their trees and connecting the UK public with the value of their trees and woods.

The Tree Charter will be a document which can be used to hold politicians, community groups and organisations to account, backed up by the body of evidence of thousands of public stories. Do your bit for woods and trees- sign the Tree Charter!

Sarah Rouse

About Sarah Rouse

As the Charter Project Officer with the Woodland Trust, my role is to engage partner organisations, volunteers and the public with the word of the Tree Charter.  If you have any questions about any of the above then please email