Heritage Open Days: 10-19 Sept. 2021 - what will you discover?!

Unsung Stories 2018: put her forward

I'm thrilled we are continuing Unsung Stories in 2018, as part of our Extraordinary Women theme. We wanted a locally significant project that would also form an overall national story; a project to reflect the astonishing array of women whose life stories deserve to be shared.  Not an easy brief!  I’m delighted our selected artists have crafted an exciting, innovative idea which will do justice to Extraordinary Women across the country.

Introducing non zero one and put her forward

There are 925 public statues in the UK, yet there are only 25 of non-royal, non-mythical women. There are more statues of men called John. But together, we can change all that. And if you can help us put her forward, we will double that number by September. 100 years since the first British women got the vote, it’s time for more change. It’s time for new heroines to be unveiled in the parks, palaces and public places of England. It’s time for some new figures for the next generation to look up to.

Interactive theatre-makers non zero one are travelling England to invite nominations for living women who have positively impacted the lives of others in their community. From these nominations, 25 women will have state-of-the-art 3D printed figures created of them, which will then be revealed across the country as part of the Heritage Open Days festival (6-9 & 13-16 September 2018).

So, which woman do you think deserves to be recognised and commemorated? Who would you nominate to inspire younger generations? Because now it’s time to put her forward.