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How was it? Your feedback counts

So, Heritage Open Days is over for another year. Wherever you are and whatever you did, we'd love to hear about it....

Bunting adds to the festival air

Your feedback matters. Each year, we read every comment, record them, and send them off to our evaluation company who produce a National report. We use the data from this report to make each year better than the one before and to sustain Heritage Open Days for further years to come.

So, whether you are an Organiser, volunteer or visitor, here are a few ways you can share your Heritage Open Days with us:

  • Organisers: if you organised an event this year, please fill in the online evaluation form in the organiser area by 1st October
  • Volunteers: if you helped an organiser run an event, please fill in our brief volunteer survey by 1st October
  • Visitors:  you can leave a comment for us under the event you visited in our directory, or simply drop us a line !

Social media

  • Did you find one of the pink treasures frames placed across the country? Did you visit something you love?  Don't forget to post a selfie with it on our treasures wall.
  • Did you attend a bell ringing event and take a #hodsbells snap? Share it with us!
  • Or simply share your day with millions of others on twitter, instagram or facebook, using #HODs #TreasureYourTreasure. 

We look forward to hearing from you all