07 Sep 2020
by Laura Davey

An allyway of trees with a road in the middle fading into the distance. The trees on the left have green leaves, the trees on the right autumnal.

Discover more with the Mote Park Manager (© Maidstone Borough Council)

Enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors

From the countryside to city parks, nature can be found all around us. These events will help you explore, experience and enjoy our outdoor spaces!

  • Enjoy a series of walks with the Mote Park Manager to experience this living landscape in Maidstone. Choose between a daytime walk about the site’s past and present, twilight tales about wildlife emerging as the sun goes down, or even take a bat walk and discover the diversity of species which call the park home.
  • Have fun exploring Beverley’s gardens. You’ll be inspired by a variety of gardening styles with influences from around the world, from formal borders to contemporary sculptural grasses. There will also be examples of organic and insect-friendly planting as well as other features such as beehives and duck ponds.
  • Find out about Green Spaces at Urb Farm near Milton Keynes - a horticultural social enterprise which trains young people to produce sustainable and seasonal goods for the local community. And keep an eye out for foxes, toads, woodpeckers and hedgehogs; just some of critters which can be found in this peaceful urban green space!

Wolverton green spaces

Meet the experts at Urb Farm. (© Florence Bryant)

Uncover nature of the past

It’s not just today’s spaces and places we’ll be discovering, these events will be looking back through time, from creatures which were here before us, to how we’ve been interacting with our environments ever since.

Fabulous fossils

Be dazzled by nautical delights in Lowestoft!

Spot nature hiding in plain sight

From architecture and interior design, to records of everyday life, nature has been used, celebrated and documented throughout our history. These events will uncover the stories of the creatures and natural features lurking in our historic environments and archives!

The Hare

Things may take a curious turn as we delve into Newcastle's collections.

Be inspired and get creative

And of course, HODs wouldn’t be HODs without a chance to get creative! These workshops and activities will encourage you to find inspiration in the natural world.

Prints, petals and potatoes

Get crafty to #CelebrateClayCountry

PLEASE NOTE - These events were accurate at the time of publication but this year more than ever the details are subject to change. Please check the individual entries for more. 

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