29 Jun 2018
by Mark Hignett

Older man and younger woman in 1940s outfit adjusting a poster of a gold ring with ruby centre.
From ink to ash to DIAMOND - Mark unveils the diamond ring created from letters submitted to the Unsung Stories project, now on display in Oswestry Town Museum

Why I take part

I love the team spirit that comes with multiple heritage venues all working together to provide a ‘special’ event. I also enjoy working with partners and the way that heritage organisations and venues can all work to the same end. It’s a brilliant way to explore our local heritage and make it available to residents and tourists to enjoy as well. I love starting to plan events for the following year, discovering and researching new people and places and watching as it all comes together each September.

What I do for HODs

I co-organise the local festival, (this means starting in October to prepare for the following year). I oversee the events at four of our venues, collate and help produce our booklet, and draw up the minibus tours and talks programme. I also organise
our booklet distribution and arrange for volunteers to cover our core events. I've been a member of the national advisory board and help promote HODs whenever and however I can.

Two men, dressed in light brown WWI army uniform, standing with a women and child in a replica of the trenches.
Visitors get a WWI Trench Experience at Park Hall Countryside Farm. (© Chris Lacey)

The difference it makes

Taking part in HODs has made a massive difference to myself, the events and venues that I work with, the way I interact with visitors and the way I think about researching heritage in our local area. I have worked with a fantastic team on the advisory board in London, learned many new things and pinched more than a few ideas. The reaction and feedback I receive about our weekends makes me think about how we can continue with HODs themes and events after the weekend and throughout the ensuing year.

My favourite moment

Highlight of the past 7 years just has to be the Gilbert and Gordon project from last year, the way the whole community got involved (and are still involved) but really there are so many great moments from across the years that picking just one is impossible, every event, every programme, every year is so different from any other and each one is filled with ‘special’ moments, treasured memories and exciting people and places.

A women and small boy reaching up to post a letter to burn into an incinerator disguised as a letterbox. In the background is HODs bunting.
From INK to ASH to diamond - posting letters for the Gilbert & Gordon Unsung Stories project. (© Chris Lacey)

What surprised me

The sheer amount of local heritage and history just waiting to be discovered. It is truly awe-inspiring. I didn’t expect when I first got involved that a few years down the road I would be negotiating with an American film producer to tell the story of part of the heritage we uncovered.

Mark's top tip!

DO IT, take part, join in, talk to others, explore heritage around you and share it with one and all. Contact the national team for advice, talk to other people who have taken part and don’t be afraid to ‘pinch’ ideas. After all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

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